Finding a productive side to the pandemic

When COVID-19 first came on the scene it brought some negatives with it for some people. 

Muskingum University sophomore Ethan Ford took the free time created by the pandemic and turned it into an opportunity. 

“I really felt that you know, getting the time to be at home and to focus on my academics would benefit me. So, I saw it as an opportunity,” said Ethan Ford. 

Ethan Ford is a sophomore at Muskingum University. Ford has enjoyed safely interacting with his friends since the pandemic has started.

For Ford the free time that came from the pandemic not only helped his schoolwork, but also gave him the opportunity to try things he may not have otherwise. 

“I went vegetarian over the summer and then just over the new year I went vegan, and I think you know if I didn’t have all that time to really think about why I wanted to make those changes I don’t think I would have,” said Ford. 

Ford said he has learned through all this to value time with friends and family even more.

“I spent a lot of time with my family, and I didn’t take a lot of time to text friends or to call friends, so if I could go back, I suppose I would make more time to you know communicate with friends, even if it’s not in person,” said Ford. 

Ford also used this newfound free time to binge watch some shows on Netflix. 

“I must have binge watched at least four shows. I would say my biggest hits during the pandemic were, I watched all on Netflix, I watched “Gotham”, I watched all of “Dexter” and I’m sure there were several more in there,” said Ford. 

By spending more time with his pets because of all the free time created by the pandemic, he learned how valuable time with them is too. 

“I have four cats and one dog, and I actually ended up spending a lot more time with them. I started taking my dog on walks during the pandemic and I think that was so valuable because, you know taking a dog out on a walk for like five minutes was really you know a nice opportunity to get outside,” said Ford. 

Ford said that he enjoyed the encounters that happened while walking his dog, whether they were asking for directions or just having casual conversation. 

He said it was nice to have conversations with people from a safe distance during these times. 

Ford is currently continuing his education at Muskingum University where he is majoring in sociology.

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