• About Me

    I am Jimmy Kuhn, a second-year at Muskingum University. I am majoring in conservation science. I am a DJ in training at orbit media. You can find examples of my written work including stories involving the New Concord Mayor and 1010 WINS reporter Glenn Schuck. You can also find examples of my photography work.

  • An Open Letter to Anti-Hunters

    To all the anti-hunters,  I hope you read what I am writing and please take it to heart. I don’t plan to change you with this letter. I have no plans to try and make you hunter or even an ally to hunters with this. I just hope you take the time to read this……

  • King of The Mountain

     It is late afternoon going on into the evening as I leave my apartment. I always get a chuckle thinking about my room, it is in my fraternity’s old house and my room is the president’s suite, and I am now the fraternity’s vice president, which I found somewhat ironic. The sky out is still……

  • A lifetime of development in radio

    News anchor/reporter Glenn Schuck has worked at a multitude of radio stations throughout his career and is currently working at 1010 WINS.  Early on Schuck already had an interest in working in radio.  “I enjoy the passion of it, the story telling. And really had this passion even when I was in high school believe it or not. I……

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