A lifetime of development in radio

News anchor/reporter Glenn Schuck has worked at a multitude of radio stations throughout his career and is currently working at 1010 WINS. 

Early on Schuck already had an interest in working in radio. 

“I enjoy the passion of it, the story telling. And really had this passion even when I was in high school believe it or not. I always kind of wanted to be on the radio,” said Glenn Schuck, news anchor/reporter for 1010 WINS. 

Glenn Schuck
Glenn Schuck

After attending high school in Northern New Jersey, Schuck pursued this passion for radio by attending Seton Hall University. 

“WSOU the college station there [Seton Hall University] where I was news director one year, I was station manager of my senior year and I certainly by then knew that I would be continuing in radio,” said Schuck. 

Schuck said his time at WSOU opened up many doors for him, including an internship at Z100 in New York. 

He said that while he had an interest in news, opportunities were limited at the time, this kept him on the music side of radio which he loved anyway. 

“I bounced around. I ended up getting some really cool positions in Northern New Jersey, and Philadelphia, and I ended up going to Boston at a station called WAAF, a legendary rock station. I went there in 1990,” said Schuck. 

Schuck would later have his own morning show in California for a year. 

“The station changed format…. So, we were all fired, and they gave me a couple months pay,” said Schuck. 

Schuck said this was a major transformation for him where he would have to decide if he would stay in radio or not. 

During this time his break would come from a contact he made through his sister. 

He was offered a job at CNBC in their new radio/business news division. 

The job being located in Fort Lee, New Jersey offered Schuck employment and a chance to go back home. 

“So, I packed up, drove 3,000 miles back from California. Down and kind of worried. But energized by the fact that I was still doing radio,” said Schuck. 

Schuck said this job and the work that came with it really ignited his career in news. 

He spent his time at CNBC doing business reports until his next opportunity arose. 

Glenn Schuck has worked at 1010 WINS in New York City since 2000. Schuck said working at this station is a dream come true.
Glenn Schuck has worked at 1010 WINS in New York City since 2000. Schuck said working at this station is a dream come true.

“After four years there I ended up reporting at 1010 WINS. Which is the number one rated all-news station in the United States in terms of listenership,” said Schuck. 

Schuck said he grew up listening to this station and dreamed of being on it. 

April 2021 mark’s Schuck’s 22nd year at 1010 WINS. 

Over his career here he has gotten to work with many individuals including Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. 

Schuck is currently still reporting for 1010 WINS where he says most of his days now involve covering aspects of the pandemic, such as the vaccine. 

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