Getting to know the mayor

New Concord Mayor Jennifer Lyle grew up in New Concord. From there she would go away for college and go on from there to live abroad. 

Lyle has lived in numerous places and worked many jobs just the same, but that all brought her back to New Concord where she would eventually become mayor. 

“Dr. [Bil] Kerrigan came to me one day and said, ‘You know what? I’m thinking of running for village council, and I think it would be great if the two of us ran.’ Cause there were plenty of seats open for that election. And that was the first time I ever contemplated running for election,” said Jennifer Lyle, New Concord Mayor. 

Lyle was involved with the community up until the point of becoming a village council member. After 6 years on the council Lyle decided to run for mayor. 

“I felt I could do more work as an independent resident, working with village officials, as opposed to sitting on the legislative organization,” said Lyle. 

Lyle pursued the mayorship to address issues she felt were not being handled. 

“I believed there were things for our community that needed to be done that weren’t happening. Primarily in the area of economic development. Meaning anything you can imagine. I mean that could be anything from tourism, to bringing new businesses, to creating more jobs, to quality of life, to quality of place. And I felt that I had the skills and the background to put that together,” said Lyle. 

By becoming mayor, Lyle wanted to improve many things. Looking to the future she hopes to improve the economic side of the community as well as the downtown area. 

“Certainly, a thriving downtown so that when somebody comes to Muskingum to look at the campus, they say, ‘oh this looks like a college town’ and it would have the things that everybody might expect to see in a college town,” said Lyle. 

Lyle may have never dreamed of becoming mayor, but she has taken the job and is working alongside village council to improve the community during her time serving. 

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